... And we're off! Assessment Week 1

Things have been moving quickly here at Meticulon! The team has been assembled and has hit the ground running. Lauren McGuinness, Job Coach, joined the team as a full-time member last week. She is supporting Joy Hewitt, our Chief Employment Coach, who has taken the reins of the interview process and guided us through interviewing 10 applicants.  We met with some incredible individuals who were a great fit for Meticulon, but unfortunately many had other commitments that made them unable to join us for this set of evaluation and assessments. So of those 10, we had 4 candidates join us for a full day of CEBIR Evaluations and personality assessments- a battery of ‘tests’ that help us to have a clearer picture of each individual’s working styles, strengths and areas of growth. From this evaluation we invited 3 candidates to join us for the three week assessment process.

And here we are- kicking off the first day of assessments! The pieces have come together- computers arrived, workbooks prepared and printed, and candidates here bright and eager to get the ball rolling. This week we will be spending each morning with our candidates while they are challenged to complete a variety of assignments and tasks that will further support our understanding of their strengths, working styles, comfort levels and most importantly- specific areas of interest! From these assessments, we as job coaches will have a road map to support our consultants to achieve their full, exceptional potential.

Meanwhile Garth is busy drumming up business for our consultants, having met with some prospective clients who share our excitement about the Meticulon venture. The media is starting to take note and Meticulon has been featured in a few articles and radio interviews so far (see Metro article and CBC Eyeopener). This week we will be officially announcing ourselves to the world through a press conference on Friday November 22 (details here). Michael has been working tirelessly to develop the technical component of things, preparing for job training and development that will be position specific- not to mention supporting Joy and Lauren in the more technical aspects of the assessment process. Needless to say it has been an eventful few weeks here at Meticulon, with many more on the way. We are looking forward to placing our consultants in positions in the New Year where their exceptional skills will shine!


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