“To any propsoective business clients, Meticulon’s advantage is real…your fear is imagined. Take the leap and see the value – it makes great business sense to hire from Meticulon’s pool of gifted consultants whose innate abilities and skills excel past all expectations.” – Brad Peterson, FieldCap


“We found a great cultural match with Meticulon. Our team at MQ excels at honing in on the fine details of a project, making sure our products are finely tuned and perfected. Meticulon matched our culture with [their Consultant’s] skills and the puzzle pieces just fit perfectly.” – Mobility Quotient


“As a company we were having an extremely difficult time recruiting talented Software Testers. Working with the talented team at Meticulon has been a refreshing and extremely positive experience. Since [their Consultant] has joined Palantir Solutions as a Tester he has over exceeded expectations and is both a valuable and irreplaceable member of our Software Team.” – Palantir Solutions


“Some employees are like a steam engine – when the coal ends, so does the work; their fire has to be fueld. [Meticulon’s Consultant] is the opposite – he takes initative, he builds the fire even when there is no coal.” – Brad Peterson, FieldCap


“We have employed Meticulon to test our first product release, with great results. The Meticulon testers have been superb, with great attention to detail. To our delight, they go far beyond simple test execution – helping with test plans, plan coverage, and creative ideas for our product to boot!

Best of all, Meticulon consultants are honest and direct. Bugs are efficiently reported in a straightforward and factual matter – ideal for an organization that cares most about quality of the end product, and needs to know where it stands above all else.” – VersionRocket


“Your consultant is performing at the 6 month level after being here just over a month.” – Business Client


“[Your Consultant] has been a pleasure. He has adapted well with the group, already has a high level output and does great to dive into the finite details of tasks assigned. More impressively, he is funny and engaging and even willing to help the newest hire as he has just gone through the same training tasks. Honestly, I could not be more impressed with [him].” – Business Client


“Working with Meticulon has been an incredible learning experience for us. What’s been really interesting is when their consultants find details that weren’t inherently obvious to us, it makes us more aware and forces us to think bigger, to find new ways to “look outside the box”. It’s an interesting dichotomy, someone with autism is generally incredibly focused on one particular skill, but in the grand scheme of things, their innate ability to focus so strongly on fine details opens up a huge realm of possibilities and problem solving techniques that you didn’t even realize were there.” – Mobility Quotient