How exactly does Meticulon find precise, exceptional and diligent consultants?

It all starts with an interview, kind of like a job interview, but also quite different. Meticulon Job Coaches are not interested in textbook responses nor body language; rather, they are looking for a candidates’ motivation to learn, desire to work and enthusiasm to be coached through employment in our niche of the IT field. We have reformatted our interview questions and expectations specifically for individuals with Autism.

After these initial interviews, approximately 12-14 candidates will be invited for a day of “testing.” The term testing is a bit misleading though, as the evaluation techniques that we administer are not ones you can study for. They simply measure aptitude and skills that come naturally to individuals on the Autism Spectrum. At Meticulon, we’ve coined this skill-set as the “Autism Advantage.” Based upon the results from testing, a maximum of 7 candidates will be invited to participate in the Assessment process.

The Assessment is carried out over a three-week span in which close to 50 different tasks are presented. Job Coaches administer and observe every part of the Assessment. At the end of every week, a check-in is scheduled to ensure that Meticulon is still the best fit for the Candidate and vice versa. Upon successfully completing the Assessment, a Candidate is invited to attend Software Testing Training, which follows ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) standards as led by our Chief Technology Coach. Software Testing Training is followed up by an Internship to provide additional hands-on experience for Consultants.

Throughout the Assessment and Software Testing Training, jobs are being sought and matched to each Consultant’s interests. Not only that, but through Meticulon’s policies, we work hard to ensure that all of our Consultants are paid market rates. That is, they are paid just as much as their coworkers in the same role. At this point, Job Coaches have spent at least five weeks with Consultants with insight into their technical and social abilities in the workplace. From there, they can provide strategies and accommodations to facilitate a Consultant through their employment contact.

At any point during the route, should Job Coaches or Candidates identify that Meticulon is not the best fit for them, they are referred to the other great Autism-geared employment initiatives in the Calgary area.

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